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The focus of the Steel Framing Industry Association is to help our members hone their competitive edge, and to create a more competitive environment for cold-formed steel framing.

Our Members Are from Virtually Every Link in the Industry Supply Chain

More than 1,300 members represent steel mills, coil coaters and processors, stud, connector and equipment manufacturers, panelizers and fabricators, engineers, material suppliers/distributors and framing contractors—a uniquely broad membership that enables us to identify issues and opportunities, along with effective solutions.

Our Members Benefit from Access to Technical and Marketing Tools and Resources

• Access to AIA-accredited “lunch and learn” seminars that offer architects needed Learning Units
• Use of the technical data in the industry’s most current and complete Product Technical Guide
• Case studies that spotlight the benefits of CFS on member projects
• Listing on the SFIA technical evaluation reports, including ICC ES Report #4025 and Intertek Code Compliance Research Report #0224

SFIA Certification Programs Help Members Stand Out from the Crowd

• Code Compliance Certification of Stud and Track
• Certification of Connectors for Manufacturing Compliance
• Third-Party Certification for Structural and Nonstructural Contractors
• Truss Fabricator Certification

SFIA Aids Effective Business Planning

• Quarterly Market Data reports and the quarterly Nonresidential Volume Report that provides data and analysis of market trends and CFS
• Reports that capture and quantify the advantages of steel over alternative materials in dollars, days and other meaningful measurements.

SFIA Also Works Hard to Improve the Competitive Environment for Our Members.

• Research products that contribute to more efficient design and lower costs of construction.
• Advocacy of more favorable building codes for cold-formed steel framing and defend markets against unfair competition from combustible framing material industries.

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Manufacturers, Contractor Manufacturers, Steel Mills and Supplier Distributors 

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