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Staff Directory
Larry W. Williams, APR, Executive Director, Steel Framing Industry Association
[email protected]

  Contact for:   
    - Association Governance
    - Communications and media inquiries
    - Market Data and Business Planning
    - Advocacy


Patrick W. Ford, Technical Director, Steel Framing industry Association 
[email protected]

 Contact for:
    - Technical inquiries
    - Technical Evaluation Reports
    - Product Data
    - Research
    - Codes and Standards

Holly Mellinger, Manager, Programs and Operations, Steel Framing Industry Association
[email protected]

Contact for:
- Membership
- Website
- Compliance Programs (Steel Framing, Connectors)
- Contractor and Truss Fabricator Certification 
                              - AIA-CES Programs


Jose Estrada. Manager, Architectural Services East
[email protected]

Contact for:
- Product Applications
- Architectural/Project Specifications



Bill Kraft. Manager, Project Assistance
[email protected]