New Generation Cold-Formed Steel Framing - SFIA104

Description:       This program will explore the new generation of cold-formed steel framing designed for interior nonstructural applications. Starting with what is standard in the industry , this course will review the structural basics as they relate to performance. A quick discussion on how the new generation of products perform regarding fire resistance and acoustical performance. The program will conclude with suggestions on writing specifications that focus on the required performance of the new generation on cold-formed steel framing .

Learning Units:       1
Credit Designations:       LU
Course Format:       Instructor-led face-to-face

Learning Objective
1:       Participants will explore the structural basics that define interior nonstructural cold-formed steel framing.

2:       Participants will investigate what is currently standard in the industry for nonstructural cold-formed steel framing.

3:       Participants will be able to explain the comparative or equivalent performance of the new generation cold-formed steel framing.

4:       Participants will be able to define project assembly performance requirements that include the new generation of nonstructural cold-formed steel framing.