Cold-Formed Steel Assemblies and Mid-Rise Construction  - SFIA102

This program will explore the use of cold-formed steel assemblies in mid-rise construction. It is intended to provide instruction on the capacity of cold-formed steel framed assemblies in both structural and non-structural applications found in mid-rise buildings.

Learning Units:               1
Credit Designations:       LU|HSW
Course Format:              Instructor-led face-to-face or Distant Learning

Learning Objectives:       

1. Participants will explore the capacity of cold-formed steel structures to meet the requirements for mid-rise construction.

2. Participants will investigate the building code requirements for cold-formed steel in mid-rise construction.

3. Participants will learn some basic detailing techniques for designing cold-formed steel assemblies.

4. Participants will examine actual examples of mid-rise structures using cold-formed steel assemblies.