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One of the first steps in implementing any project – whether the structural system is cold-formed steel or other material - should be a conversation with the local building department. This is the best way to uncover the particulars that relate to your project and building code jurisdiction.

The plan check process is similar to what is encountered for other structural systems:
  1. The reviewer will verify that all specifications are accurate and that they match local code requirements.
  2. Architectural drawings are checked to ensure that wall types are correctly marked, fire-rated assemblies, if required are shown, details are provided for key connections, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings are coordinated with the structural drawings.
  3. Structural drawings will be reviewed for consistency with the architectural drawings, and to ensure that specific system detailing for items like components and trusses, are provided.

Field inspections by the building department are required at the same stages of completion to verify that materials are being installed as per plan.  This handy Building Officials Guide to Field Inspections serves as a guide for what the building inspector will be looking for while on site.