The Millennial Solution! - An SFIA Members-Only Webinar Series

Presented by best-selling author and Millennial expert Gabrielle Bosche’ 

The largest age group in the workforce today is the Millennial Generation - yet they seem to be the least  understood.  The impact of this conundrum is seen in the trouble that construction companies have filling both salaried and craft positions as well as difficulties in retaining workers.

The science and secrets of engaging this important demographic are featured as the first session in a special three-part webinar series that provides research-based insights and advice about recruiting, managing and motivating this important generation. 

Gabrielle Bosche’ is CEO of the research firm Millennial Success and is herself a “millennial.”  She is one of the most requested speakers on generational leadership and Millennial motivation. Gabrielle has been featured on NPR, Sirius XM, Fox Business, TIME and others for her work on generations.

 Session 1:  Recruiting the Next Generation of Great People

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 Session 2:  Next-Generation Retention Strategies

                    November 12, 2020                2 p.m. (Eastern)

Session 3:  Developing, Growing and Leading Your People

                    January 20, 2020                2 p.m. (Eastern)

These programs are free and exclusive to members of the Steel Framing Industry Association as a member benefit. To register, sign in to the members-only site here.