Date:  April 24, 2014
Time:  2 to 3 p.m.

  • The type of projects that best lend themselves to panelized loadbearing CFS systems
  • The types of floor systems used in conjunction with CFS loadbearing wall panelization
  • What efficiencies can be leveraged in CFS construction
  • Understand load tracking through a bearing structure, and how it affects panelized construction
  • How fire ratings may affect CFS loadbearing wall design.
  • Learn about the importance, cost impacts, and issues with lateral load resisting systems such as shear walls and moment frames.

Presenter: Don Allen, P.E., is the presenter for this session. Don is Senior Engineer at DSi Engineering, Inc. and has been involved in commercial and residential steel framing since 1990. His designs include some of the light steel framing in the Georgia Dome and Atlanta Olympic Stadium, as well as several hundred projects across the United States. For eight years, he concurrently served as technical director for the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association, the Steel Framing Alliance, and the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute. Allen regularly lectures and writes on cold-formed steel design and construction issues for industry publications, and is a LEED® -accredited professional